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Chilled Water Air Conditioning London

Chilled Water Air Conditioning London

For maximum cooling power, a chilled water air conditioning system provides the solution you need. Rather than installing standard air conditioning units across multiple locations in medium and large buildings a chilled water air conditioning system allows the centralization of equipment making it easier for building maintenance teams to manage. A large chilled water system also offers much better efficiency when compared to smaller individual units helping to deliver cost savings to your business.

Popular applications

Chilled water air conditioning systems are commonly found in large commercial buildings such as office blocks and hotels as well as in supermarkets, factories, data centers, and large marine applications. Rather than using the refrigerant to cool the air, it is used to cool water which is pumped through the building to various air conditioning units including air handling units and fan coil units. A heat exchanging coil transforms the chilled water into cold air before another coil takes heat out of the air and warms the water. The warm water is then returned via a cooling tower before the cycle starts again.

Reasons to choose a chilled water system

There is a range of benefits in choosing a chilled water air conditioning system for your business with some of the most obvious including:

  • Simple installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced running costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Central plant system

At Fan Rescue, we specialize in the design and installation of chilled water air conditioning systems throughout London and the UK. To find out more about the service of Commercial air conditioning London just get in touch with our friendly team today on 0203 308 2936 to arrange a free site survey and no-obligation quote.

Based in Waltham Abbey in Essex we serve customers in London and the home counties and are also happy to travel throughout the UK. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with all of their HVAC needs and would love to do the same for your business. From standard HVAC systems to chilled water systems we can help assess your needs and provide the best solution for your business based on your budget and requirements. Book a free site survey and no-obligation quote by giving us a call today on 0203 308 2936.

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