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Extract Canopy / Ductwork Cleaning & Inspections London

Fire Hazard

Did you know that almost 70% of kitchen fires start in the extraction canopies and the ductwork?

Grease that builds up inside extraction systems is easily ignited. A small flame from flambĂ©ing or flame grilling is enough to cause a fire which can quickly track through the ductwork with catastrophic results. Systems have even been known to ignite even after the kitchen has been shut down due to heat from cooling cooking equipment building up in the canopy which I’m sure we can all agree is a very scary thought.


This is why regular cleaning and maintenance of any type of kitchen equipment is essential for hygiene and safety reasons and an extraction system is no different. When a system is not regularly cleaned greasy deposits and dirt build up inside the ductwork and around the fan unit. This causes multiple problems. The greasy deposits that build up inside extraction systems are a great breeding ground for all types of bacteria. This contaminated grease can leak from the canopies onto the cooking ranges spreading bacteria to food and utensils. This is a major food safety issue but regular cleaning keeps these risks to a minimum.

Equipment Failure

When grease builds up in the system filters become clogged reducing their ability to remove harmful grease and gasses. The clogged filters reduce suction through the system causing fumes and gasses to escape into the kitchen area. Grease build-up around fan units causes the fan blades to be imbalanced, this puts unnecessary strain on the motor and bearings shortening its service life.

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