Commercial Kitchen Ventilation London | Extraction | Supply & Installation
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Design, Supply & Installation Services in London

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation & Extraction London

Here at Fan Rescue we offer Full design, supply and installation of tailor made kitchen ventilation and extraction systems for restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools, office buildings and other commercial properties. As well as this, we can also supply you with complete stainless steel kitchen installations covering sinks, worktops, units, wall cladding and stainless steel canopies.

Some of the systems we offer include:
  • Air conditioning
  • Gas interlock
  • Fresh air
  • Filtration including UV and Carbon
  • Kitchen extractor fans

The proposed system will be manufactured and installed in accordance with DW 172 and DW 144 specifications so you can have peace of mind knowing that our systems will control the odor and noise from the kitchen and our sheet metal ductwork will adhere to building and health and hygiene regulations.

Planning permission help

Need assistance with planning permission? we help with that too! we can provide you with full technical descriptions of the work and system drawings.

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