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The policy of Fan Rescue is to deal with all customer complaints by implementing the following resolution procedures:
  1. Record all complaints in writing in the Complaints Record Book with date received, action required and the date to complete.
  2. Acknowledge in writing to the customer, receipt of the complaint and confirm that it is being dealt with in accordance with the Complaints Resolution Policy by sending a copy of this statement to the customer.
  3. Respond to all complaints within a period of 5 working days.
  4. Record all intermediate and final responses, with dates, to all complaints in the Complaints Record Book, including notes on all verbal exchanges, together with details of the actions taken to resolve the complaint.
  5. Agree the corrective action with the customer and carry out all necessary works to resolve complaints within 4 working weeks or as agreed with the customer.
  6. Where it is impractical to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the client, the complaint will be referred to the Warranty Insurers.
The named person below has overall responsibility for dealing with all complaints.
  • Irfan Nakip

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